Camera Color Sampler

Use the camera to sample colors. The color will be shown in RGB, HSB, CMYK, CMY, LAB, HLAB and XYZ.

Tap the screen to pause the image. Tap the swatch button to add the color to your list of clor swatches. Or hold a press and add the library color or the grayscale equivalent.

Use the camera torch, either camera and high or standard definition.

Sample Images

Sample colors from images in the Photo Library.

Pinch to zoom and drag to move the image under the crosshairs to sample colors.

Color Swatches

Store a list of your favorite colors as swatches.

Import and export files as text, CSV, ACB, ACO and ASE. Swatches can also be exported as an HTML table.

Several libraries are included that can be added to swatches and used to match colors, showing the closest match and the name of the color.

Color Swatch

Find out anything you need to know about a color using its color swatch.

View and modify using the picker, add the color to your swatches and share the color.

Color Schemes

Use the Scheme feature to generate palettes using complimentary colors, triads, tetrads, analogous and monochromatic saturation and lightness.

Simply tap on a color and it will be added to your list of swatches.

Color Picker

Use a color picker to find the color you are looking for, or to refine an existing color.

View the picker as red, green, blue, hue, saturation or brightness.

Get Close

Use the zoom slider to zoom into the pixel level of the camera feed.

Use Pixel Averaging to take the average value of the pixels in the surrounding area.