Encode and Decode DTMF

Decode DTMF signals using the microphone.

Encode DTMF signals using the keypad or keyboard and play back sequences with adjustable timing.

Red Box

Use Red Box Mode to simulate coin drops in old fashioned telephone systems.

Faster with Favorites

Save favorite DTMF sequences to easily recall later.

Sequence Recording

Record and playback DTMF sequences. Recordings are played back with the same timing as they were recorded.

Custom Tone Combination

Configure a custom tone with adjustable frequencies and volumes. The custom tone can optionally be continuous and consist of any number of on/off pulses with adjustable timings.

Share Number

Send the encoded or decoded DTMF sequence to the Phone, FaceTime, FaceTime audio only or Messages.

Adjustable Settings

Adjust playback time, delay, pause delay, attack/decay and volume for the encoder.

Choose from several encoding methods and adjust noise levels.