Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between iAutocue, iCue and PrompterPal?

A: The functionalily of all apps are the same. PrompterPal is the original prompter from Sunshine Valley Systems. iCue is a white-labeled version for The Prompter People. iAutocue is a white-labeled version for Autocue/QTV. Currently iAutocue is the only prompter software that includes FTP support.

Q: Why can't I see the text on the iCue Remote app?

A: Files must be transfered and opened on the remote before they can be viewed. Use one of the file sharing methods supported by the remote to send it the appropriate files.

Q: How do I edit the text?

A: Press the Settings button, then set the Edit swith to the ON position. Tap anywhere in the text area to display the keyboard.

Q: Why doesn't my text file open or display an error?

A: Text files must be UTF-8 String formatted. All text editors can export .txt files in UTF-8 encoding.

Q: Why is the remote script slower than the prompter script?

A: From the settings on the remote, change the heartbeat rate. The smaller the number of seconds, the faster the updates will occur. The Smooth Text option will animate the scrolling of the text between updates, this will make the script on the remote lag behind the script on the prompter by the heartbeat rate. Use the smallest heartbeat rate that the devices are able to still keep up with.

Q: Can a remote control more than one prompter?

A: Yes. Use the main prompter as the iOS Remote host and connect to it with the other prompters and remote.

Q: Can one prompter control other prompters?

A: Yes. Use the main prompter as the iOS Remote host and connect to it with the other prompters.

Q: Can multiple remotes be used together?

A: Yes, as long as they don't use the same technology and conflict with eachother. Audio remotes can not be used with the touch tone remote.

Q: Does iCue Remote and iOS Remote feature require Wifi?

A: No, not as of iOS 7. An adhoc network is created using the blue tooth and wifi on the devices.

Q: What does the Encoding error mean when importing a text file?

A: The text file wasn't created using a supported text encoding. When exporting the file from word processing software, ensure that you are using UTF-8 encoding. For instructions for several word processors, see Creating Files.

Q: Does iCue have a privacy policy?

A: Yes. Privacy Policy.